Proper Tree Trimming & Pruning Methods

Schuylkill Tree & Landscaping in Auburn, Pennsylvania, provides applicable tree pruning, tree trimming, and removal methods to keep trees from deteriorating. We take good care of your trees with methods that adhere to Penn State standards. Our company also gives you five reasons to stop practicing tree topping based on its destructive effects.


• Stump Grinding 
• Lot Clearing
• Deep Root Feeding 
• Tree Inspections
• Tree Trimming
• Tree Removals
• Cabling


Recognizing Tree Hazards

Before initiating a service, you must first recognize certain hazards related to the status and positioning of your trees. We help eliminate these risks by assessing the dangers that come with it, including injuries, fires, or power surges due to fallen trees or broken limbs. This can save you time and will help you decide on the proper pruning method that you should use.

Hazard Checklist

Common dangers associated with tree hazards can be easily avoided through careful examination. Use our diagram of defects in urban and rural trees as a reference when identifying irregularities in your trees. Moreover, consider some of these things when identifying tree risks before resorting to pruning:

• Growth of Large, Dead, or Detached Branches
• Presence of Cavities & Rotten Wood
• Development of Cracks & Splits in the Trunk
• Recent Topping or Heavily Pruning
• Premature Development of Trees
• Injury or Breaking off Roots
• Rising of Soil Levels through


Tree Trimming & Pruning

Once you recognize these risks, we can take the necessary steps to reduce the chance of injuries or damage in your property. Taking care of tree hazards through tree trimming or pruning also makes your property safer and prolongs the life of your plants.


Contact us in Auburn, Pennsylvania, and be informed about our restorative tree pruning efforts.