About Us

Schuylkill Tree & Landscaping is a landscaping company in Auburn, Pennsylvania. The business started when our owner, while working for the Pennsylvania Forestry Department, fell in love with trees and tried keeping them safe and hazard-free. One of the methods we are against is tree topping, which hurts a tree in a variety of ways.

Tree Trimming

What Is Topping?

Tree topping is the indiscriminate and drastic pruning of tree branches by way of stubbing, tipping, or lopping. It disfigures trees and is proven to be detrimental to tree structure, health, and value. Our company tries to avoid this practice to promote the growth of your trees. Topping can result in these harmful outcomes:

• Death & Decay
• Weakening of the Structure
• Decline in Health
• Deterioration of Physical Attributes
• Value Degradation
• Propagation of Insects & Diseases


How to Prevent Tree Topping

Responsible pruning starts with knowing how to prevent topping from ever happening. Refer to the Pennsylvania Urban and Community Forestry Fact Sheet for more information on proper trimming techniques, or do any of the following:

• Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place
• Buy Quality Nursery Stock
• Prune Young Trees Correctly
• Proper Utility Clearance
• Hire a Qualified Arborist
• Gather Good Information

Mission Statement

Our mission here at Schuylkill Tree and Landscaping is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient work in order to have a beneficial relationship with our customers. This relationship is to have a positive benefit for both our customers and ourselves. We strive to be the premier tree and landscaping company in the region. Our objectives in order to accomplish this are as follows:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Workplace Safety
• Reliability
• Promptness
• Quality Work for a Quality Price
• A Well-Run Business from a Financial
  & Management Standpoint
Tree Trimming

With these six objectives, we will continue to strive in all of our fields of work (Tree Removal and Pruning, Landscaping, Snow Plowing, Contracting, and so much more) and be able to provide the highest quality of work to all of our honored clients, at a quality price. We here at Schuylkill Tree and Landscaping will do everything in our power to achieve customer satisfaction and let the consumer know what is best in order to protect their property items, and potentially their lives. Our mission at Schuylkill Tree and Landscaping is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality of work possible. By our company following our objectives, we will be able to provide customer satisfaction and continue to be a successful business.

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